There's more to nutrition than green veggies 
​​​​​​​There's more to sports nutrition than bananas and carbs

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Helen was trained in Functional Nutrition, which looks at nutrient deficiency and imbalance as the cause of many health and functional problems.

Perhaps you have severe energy level dips or constant fatigue. Or you might have digestive complaints. Or maybe you want to perform at your optimal level in your chosen sport or exercise.

The only way to sort out that imbalance or deficiency is through supplementation with quality products that contain the right levels of the nutrients you need. For some people that might be for a three month period, for others it might be more long term. Evey single one of us is different and our bodies all function very differently. 

There's no point in taking fish oil if you don't know why you are taking it and if you aren't taking enough of the key nutrients your body needs.

How about B vitamins. B vitamin supplementation is the BIG thing with many people. But, do you really know how much you should be taking. If you have a B vitamin deficiency, have low levels of energy or do lots of exercise, you need to be replacing those B vitamins at very high levels. One table from the local supermarket's own brand B vitamin will only give you around a 10th of what you actually need. 

There's just a couple of examples as to why it is a good to take a look at what you are taking, what levels you are taking them at and why you are taking them. 

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What help do you need?

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Health Nutrition

Do you suffer with digestive issues like bloating, constipation or diarrohea? What about eczema? Perhaps your mobility and joints are causing you issues? 

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Are you taking supplements? Do you know why you are taking them? Do you know if you are taking the right amounts for what you need them for? 

Supplements and products

Don't struggle on your own.
Arrange a FREE chat and find out which is the right service for you and if we can help improves things for you.

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Sports ​​​​​​​Nutrition 

Do you know how to prepare, perform and recover for your sport? Do you need help getting to your racing weight? Are you constantly held back by colds and infections?

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Initial Consultation


Personal face to face or online

Consultation summary and
nutrition guide

Food diary analysis 

Follow-Up Consultation 


Consultation summary 

Nutrition plan review 

Food diary analysis 

Personalised Health or Sports Supplement and Product Plan 

Tailor Made 

Review of vitamins and minerals

Digestive health analysis 

Energy levels review 

Sports nutrition review
​​​​​​​ (if required)

Eight Week Support Plan   


Four weeks of food plans

Sport and health nutrition support

Personal face to face or online

Tailormade sports nutrition, health and supplement plans and advice 

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Pricing Plan

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Getting the most out of life - nutrition, health, wealth, sport and lifestyle 

About Us

My name is Helen Barklam.
I am a nutritional therapist;
I love cycling ​​​and triathlon and
I am currently ​​​​​​psyching myself
up to train for my second
Ironman in July. 
I worked in the
corporate world for more than
15 years; have had nice cars;
I have bought designer clothes;
I have dined in the best 
​​​​​​​restaurants; I travelled the
world and wanted for nothing
…and I have been broke.

Life has dished out some hard lessons along the way and I am now using those life changing experiences to help others to transform their lives for the better - from two different angles.

Being fit and healthy is a key part of having a happy and prosperous life and I run a health and sports nutrition consultancy to help with that. But then you also need to have the means to do what you want, so I coach people to earn a second income in the health, wellness and sports sector working completely flexibly around their current commitments – whether it is the kids, a job or career, studies.

I specialise in developing bespoke health, wellness and sports nutrition supplement packages to help with anything from IBS and high cholesterol to preparing, performing and recovering for sport. 

So many people take suppplements and have no idea what they are taking or why they are taking them. So many people are flushing their money down the toilet, because the products they are taking are just not powerful enough to do what they need to do. 

Take advantage of my FREE nutrition supplement consultation and make sure you are taking the right supplements for your needs - whether it is health or sport.   

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