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Six Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water

We all say we know how important it is to drink water, but do we do it? These days I find it super hard to get the right amount of water down my neck. Here are a few reasons to help motivate you to glug some more down today…

✅ Every cell in our body needs water to function correctly

✅ We all love our luxurious skin creams and the ones that are natural and packed with nutrients will really help your skin, but you also need water to hydrate your skin and improve your complexion

✅ It will help with weight loss. Sometimes you just need a bit of water instead of calorie loaded snacks if you are feeling hungry for no reason

✅ Water flushes toxins out of our system. Toxins can cause skin problems and in the long term they can cause serious health conditions

✅ Water helps to reduce fatigue and keep you focused

✅ It keeps you regular! Being fully hydrated will aid your digestion and make sure things don’t get clogged up and cause constipation

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